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How to identify an antique electric fan

October 2019
Westinghouse WFTR40W Review
  1. They also would have used a screw-in attachment plug.
  2. The wiring on the fan is original factory wiring.
  3. This should be replenished with a heavy oil, if, upon inspection the bearings prove to be dry.
  4. It is a inch fan and it has six blades instead of the usual four.
  5. The arcing inside the front of the motor is, indeed, probably due to dirty contacts on the centrifugal starting switch located in the rear of the motor.
  6. Hi, wondering if you have any info on a fan I found in my Loft.

Today s best Westinghouse WFTR40W deals

These fans move a tremendous amount of air! Literally hundreds of antique and vintage fans were on display and on the sales tables. Few Westy tank motor fans have the micro date however as the date seems to have been introduced very near the end of tank motor production. The front motor cover is stamped steel. Brass finish and paint is all original.

Chrome very shiny with no rust or corrosion. Excellent original headwire from base to motor with no frays or tape. If you missed it last time, be sure to mark your calendar for this upcoming event.

As you can see, mine is missing some oscillator parts. Not long ago I spotted this tank for sale on ebay, below, fusion and was drawn to it because of the nice restoration and the fact that you don't see restored tanks too often. This thing sounds like a Formula-One Car when it gets wound up. Extremely clean original black satin finish.


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It features wide, overlapping aluminum blades and a durable, traditional black enamel finish with black lacquered blades. Cage has one broken wire at the rear ring at o'clock and needs a connector installed on the bottom of the front ring. Quiet for a large volume fan.

Be sure to post a few photos of your fan as most people will not be able to know what a fan is by numbers. The line cord is original, I think. So far I have concentrated on earlier fans and those primarily made of cast iron. All three quiet blade fans below are sold. Blades are free of dents and bends and were refinished in gloss black.

He had seen the fan a while ago but the price was too high he said. Classic medium sized desk fan. Runs on three different speeds. Brass oil cups replaced with steel.

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With the exception of some wear to the back of the motor cover, the finish in great shape. The cloth cord connecting the base to the motor in the rear of the fan has some fraying to the cloth. Click on any photo below to enlarge, double click for maximum size.

Antique and Vintage Fans

Am working to rewire the fan, but in overall pretty good condition. It uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing. The cage is steel, the blades are aluminum, the rest of the fan is spun aluminum, and well made.

How to identify an antique electric fan

Was even spotlessly clean on the inside. The inch variety were usually used for smaller spaces, while the inch fans were intended for use in theatres and churches. Several screws to hold on the base plate are missing or incorrect. In fact, other than badges and motor tag, it is identical to the shown above.

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The following original condition fans are offered for sale. From what I can find I am almost certain you have a c. Fan has three speeds and oscillates. This is a very nice fan that should clean up beautifully knowing how durable Emerson's Japan finish was.

  • The fan shown here has wide, deep pitched overlapping blades.
  • The motor is still cast iron, as is the neck.
  • Changes through the years were many but the last tank still looked very close to the first one.
  • Cool military green finish in good shape.
  • They also have shaded pole motors, so expect them to run noticeably warmer.

Trunnion modified in several ways, most noticeably with the addition of a strong rib on the outside. Trunnion was unique and without the strong rib soon added on the outside. The lack of a suffix letter probably indicates it's an early model in the series.

Runs incredibly fast and loud! Also try to ask specific questions that you might have. Thank you for your compliment. We have these around the office and our home to actually use. Surround yourself with Silver and find it again!

Today s best Westinghouse WFTR40W deals

Hunter fans have very quiet motors and are excellent air movers. Center cage ring is solid and the ends of S-wires can be seen and felt on the inside of the ring. Hunter fans made before will say Fulton, N. Unless your fan is of the era that my blog deals with I may not know much about it. With a serial number prefixed by a T, it is one of the last serial-numbered Emerson fans.

Westinghouse Oscillating Tower Fan Review - Power Noise Rating

Once I see your photos I may be able to give some more information. Except for a few minor scuffs the finish is perfect and original. Trying to decide to sell or keep as we are down sizing. Yes that's me in the blue coveralls standing next to it. If you are looking for a quiet, efficient, oscillating fan, matchmaking services san you can find no better.

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Antique westinghouse fan

Due to wear to the head angle tensioner, fan is best used in straight, vertical position see photo'd position. Hi Steve, dating paradise walkthrough I would be interested to see your reply to Jennifer Okanay above as I too have come across a similar fan with a Manchester label on. The blade wings are perfect and the fan runs quite smoothly.

Most are unrestored, unpolished, and with original paint and finishes, mostly in very good or better condition and most dating from the s or earlier. From a Westinghouse catalog. Hi Steve, I found a unrestored westinghouse fan with style number B I want to knbow if you can help find the manufacture year. That information comes from a copy I made from an original Westinghouse catalog.

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